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The chocolate chip cookie is an all-American favorite.  When our household became gluten-free, we experimented with a few recipes to find one that tasted just right.  While there are recipes out there that are quite good (we made an almond-flour chocolate chip cookie that was really tasty), we arrived at our cookie nirvana when discovering Alton Brown’s recipe.  The reason this recipe is, well, perfect, is because it doesn’t taste any differently than any other quality chocolate chip cookie.  Recipes made with gluten-free flours can taste slightly different than the gluten-full version, and that’s fine depending on what it is; but a cookie needs to taste like the real thing.  The best part about this recipe is that it can be made with wheat flour as well, so pick your fancy and get baking.  No matter how you make these, they won’t last long, I promise.

The best chocolate chip cookie

As I mentioned, this is Alton Brown’s recipe, and I give him full credit, genius that he is.  I’ve made and brought these to parties and functions, and no one has ever recognized these as different in any way. In fact, a few people have asked for the recipe.  I’ve found this specific blend of flours to work so well in cookies that I’ve used it in other cookie recipes, with equal success.  If you’re not gluten-free, try these with regular flour.  In that case, the 2 T of milk should be omitted, as that extra liquid helps gluten-free flours, which tend to bake a little drier than wheat versions.  Since this recipe yields so many cookies, I usually set aside half of the dough balls and freeze them, to be baked when a future cookie craving hits.

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