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The Fall weather is finally upon us and I couldn’t be happier! The mild temperature makes it easier to enjoy the outdoors. Each day we find something new and fun to do after preschool- from lunch at the park, to play dates and even painting and drawing outside.

Painting pumpkins

A very generous neighbor invited us over to pick pumpkins from her garden. The girls were excited to see pumpkins small enough for their tiny hands to carry. Since it is too early to carve pumpkins we agree painting is the next best option. We also added some glitter and sequins because when you are four everything needs a sprinkle of fabulous!

We live in a rather quiet neighborhood so sitting in our back yard is peaceful. We can hear the birds chirping and the breeze rustling through the trees. Plus, the tall oaks lend themselves to a relaxing shady back drop. We used our non-toxic water soluble paints and I just let the kids go to town. I love to move our paint sessions outside because: 1. less mess inside my house and 2. painting outdoors feels more inspiring!

We were so inspired by our outdoor art session that the next day we gathered up our pastels and craypas (a crayon pastel mix) with our sketch books and hit the outdoors once more. This time we sat under our favorite mighty oak and just drew what we saw, or imagined. These are my favorite artsy moments- when the kids can create their own projects. I love creating projects for us to do together, but when the girls are inspired to completely create from their own imagination- well, nothing is better than that!

Kids using pastels

Using pastels outside

Getting our kids outside to draw or paint not  only allows them to enjoy each season, but it helps make a connection to nature and to find beauty in their own back yard.

If you are worried about the kids making a mess with paint, glitter, glue or other crafty materials take it outside! Use non-toxic, water soluble art supplies and let Mother Nature take care of the rest!

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