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I must reveal up front that politics is not my game. But I think the horsing around going on in Washington, DC can be unhealthy for all of us.

 I ask myself, ‘What do I expect of a politician?’ 

I feel strongly that one issue candidates are dangerous because they don’t think about each and every one of us when evaluating bills that come before congress. 

Politicians who are too far to the right or left of center can’t possibly care for all of us because they are too busy fighting for their tiny fiefdoms to be productive.  And they forget about those of us in the middle who are trying to take care of our families.

I watched the debacle in Congress this summer where each member voted based on his or her personal concerns. It was Friday July 20 Congressional representatives broke talks with the president. Again on Saturday, the 21st congress did not move forward. 

Who were they kidding? This is a $15 billion debt ceiling we are talking about. How do you solve those issues in 24, 48 or 60 hours? If you and I ran our households like that we too would be in deeper debt than our country is now….and we can’t print money at will like Congress can.

Mudslinging was used to get their messages heard.  

Mudslinging does not solve problems. It does not bring people together so they can be productive.

 And in the middle of it all, our congressional representatives treat our President as a foe to be burned rather than someone to work with. In our president’s August 20th weekly address Mr Obama states, “The only thing preventing us from passing these bills is the refusal by some in Congress to put country ahead of party.”

Did they forget that President Obama is the leader of our country…our spokesperson to the world?  (Doesn’t matter whether you voted for him or not, he still is our voice.)

Our congressional representatives forget that they are there to help every American remain healthy and productive. 

We all have different political views but we must remember that we are a nation of 312 million people. Caring for all takes precedence over individual points of view.

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