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A few weeks ago some friends of mine organized a dinner drop off at a local fire station as a way to say thank you for all their hard work. Several families came out to deliver meals, cards and treats. I’ve shared before how my kids and I bring cookies to the fire station at Christmas. But our volunteer fire fighters will gladly accept your appreciation any time of the year!

How To Host A Meal Drop Off

How do you set up a meal night? Well, first you can easily reach out on Facebook, or email to your fire house and ask what is the best night to arrive. Most stations have a training night and you are guaranteed someone will be there to accept your donations. Pick a night and a time that works.

Next, decided if you would like to open it up to friends and family and ask them to bring a meal, or baked goods as well. You can keep track of what each person is bringing through an Facebook events page, email or good old fashioned pen and paper. Using an events page through Facebook allows everyone to coordinate food items. This way you don’t end up with 10 lasagnas. If you do don’t worry. Any extras can go directly into the freezer for later.

What To Make

You don’t have to make a meal from scratch. I didn’t have time to cook so I bought from the freezer section. I can buy things with love! Meals that feed a crowd are great, but you can also gather up snacks.


I threw in a box of snacks they could serve any time during their meeting nights, or fighters can grab on a late night at the station. I was surprised by how many people commented on this box. I grabbed an empty box from the liquor store and wrapped it with gift wrap.  Then I taped a piece of paper with Thank You written on it and let the kids put some stickers on (who doesn’t have extra stickers lying around?). Then I filled the box with store bought snacks (cookies, pretzels, chips, popcorn, etc).


Unfortunately, the night we were to drop off our goodies was the night my kids came down with the flu. So, I drove over to the station and did a quick drop and run. We didn’t get to stay to thank the fighters personally. But the families attending were treated to a tour of the station and got to see the fighters in action with their gear and training facilities.

Why It’s Important To Say Thank You

Did you know 90% of fire fighters are not paid. That means they VOLUNTARILY run into a burning building to save people and animals. Imagine, actually doing this for free!? They spend hours upon hours running drills and training and learning to use life saving equipment.

You don’t have to limit your gratitude to fire fighters. Contact your local police department or ambulance station to coordinate a drop off. This is a great way for your children to become familiar with community helpers. Seeing a fire fighter in turn out gear, or an officer with a gun on their hip makes them seem less scary and more recognizable when they need help.

Have you thanked a community helper lately?


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