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If you have been following along you already know my kids are dino obsessed. If this is your first time reading my blog let me catch you up on the obsession. Last spring we took a road trip to Mystic Aquarium and on our way home we stopped to see a giant fossil made by dinosaurs. My kids were in heaven! We continued the craze over the summer with a frozen dinosaur smash, and a dinosaur counting folder game. And now (drum roll) we are making our own fossil cookies!!

Here is what you will need to make your own:

dino ingredients

Favorite sugar cookie dough (store bought counts too)

Toy Dinosaurs (clean)

Baking tray

We started out with a dino washing station to be sure our dinosaurs were clean enough to press into the dough.

dino wash

Next slice the dough and cut slices in half, or in quarters. Then roll the pieces of the cookie dough into little ball shapes. Have kiddos squish them flat before using dinosaurs to make an imprint.

dino slices

You can use just a foot, a tail or the head of the dinosaur to make your fossil print.

dino prints

Bake according to package directions. That’s it!! Enjoy with your favorite glass of milk or hot cocoa for “lava.”

Our dinosaur friends took one last trip through the dino washing station before returning to their bins. Then we enjoyed a good book about dinosaurs while the cookies finished baking. My kids were thrilled with the results!


Cookie dough tends to fluff up a bit when baked, be sure to keep the dough shapes small and make the imprints deep. This will ensure you do not lose the print as the cookies bake.

If you want to get a little fancy, make some dirt cups with chocolate pudding topped with crushed Oreos and add a fossil cookie.

If you want the fossil craze to last use salt dough instead of cookie dough. Bake according to recipe directions and let your kids paint. Store them in a box with your kinetic sand, or rice bin so kids can excavate later.

How do you play with your dinosaurs?

fossil foot

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