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Store window for Boudoir Baby 114 Partition St. Saugerties

The Hudson Valley is so rich with creativity. I am always excited to find new ways to get creative. You know, minus all the crayons and glitter glue. Also, I am always on the look out for heart melting keepsakes. I found both at Boudoir Baby in Saugerties.

This shop isn’t your average baby boutique. Not only does the owner Veronica offer hundreds of local made items, she includes the customer in the creative process! If you can think of it, Veronica probably knows someone who can make it (if she can’t do it herself!).

This store has so many beautiful things on display! It looks like the inside of an Etsy store, if Etsy had an actual store front.

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Find handmade blankets, hats, toys, crib sets and more!

Being a crafty, but busy mom means I have vision and very little time. The most exciting part of working with Veronica designing creative keepsakes is that I can outsource the actual work.  Win-win! Here are some of my awesome finds:

Make a Memory

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Make a special left over shirt into a one of a kind and totally lovable keepsake!

Memory bears are a super heart melty way to give new life to a favorite shirt, or uniform, or other article of clothing that belonged to a loved one. This little bear (pictured above) was once a grandpa’s shirt. My father in law passed away 12 years ago, and left behind a few uniform shirts that will serve beautifully as bears my kids can hug and squeeze tight! Wedding gowns, Nana’s old house coat, even your child’s favorite outgrown clothing can become the sweetest memory! Prices are $35.00-$45.00 and usually takes around two weeks to complete. This is really a personal keepsake treasure!

Make It Personal

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A special keepsake personalized with a child’s name on it is sure to be a hit!

I also really, really love the simplicity of this little gift- a little lamb with a personalized scarf. The lambs are so soft and cuddly. Once you select your lamb you can choose the fabric for the scarf, the embroidery font and font color. This is a great gift for newborns, Christenings, first birthdays or just something special. It’s also a very economical gift choice at $24.95 including the embroidery! (Note that beautiful white bear sitting next to the little lambs- it was made from someone’s wedding gown!).

Unique Gift Ideas

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I cannot wait to surprise my mini chefs with these adorable aprons and utensils set! Again, this gift is completely customizable! Transform a family hand-me-down into a beautiful little apron and customize with child’s name. $30.00 and one week turn around! Utensils are $8.00 extra. (Can also add paint brushes instead of cooking utensils for your little painter).

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TOP: Local made toys using eco friendly paints. BOTTOM: Sheepskin baby booties sourced from a local farm and dyed with earth friendly, natural dyes.

Not only can you find unique and locally made gifts, but Veronica helps design every aspect of a baby nursery with a commitment to whole space planning. She keeps an eye on eco friendly products and finishes and an emphasis on locally made, special and unique items. Why didn’t this store exist when I was designing a nursery? My kids got matching crib sets…and I was done.

My girls aren’t little babies any more, but I am excited to be able to create some very special keepsakes for them to enjoy. I also can’t wait to show up to birthday parties with a truly unique gift that no one else is bringing. Oh look, another Win-Win! 😉

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