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This season we received dozens, maybe more, copies of new Nintendo Wii games. Many were included in our gift giveaways this year, but I kept one out for my grandson Robert: Toy Story Mania.

 According to my son Paul, he and the family attended the Orlando Disney Resort on the opening day of the newest Disney’s newest attraction 4D Toy Story Mania. “There was a four-hour wait just to get a ticket,” Paul told me. “But we all loved the ride.” According to my son, everything is in 3D, and you have to wear the 3D glasses during the ride. “It’s different from their other laser-shooting rides. Those are straight beams, where in Toy Story is all 3D…things you shoot at, what you shoot with and the ‘rooms’ you enter are all 3D.”

 Now Disney Interactive Studios has issued a Nintendo Wii version of the Disney park attraction called Toy Story Mania. If the game lives up to its promotion, then you should be in for hours of fun.

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