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I know that many families love the idea of a cuddly pet with a big red bow peeking out from under the Christmas tree. I wondered if bringing a pet home for the holidays is a really good idea.  Let us know if you brought one home. And see what an expert had to say.

When looking for advice I go to an expert. So I turned Veterinarian Paul Johnson  of Middletown to seek advice on getting a family pet.

“Biggest mistake people make is getting a pet during the winter holidays,” says Johnson. 

Puppies need training and they need to go out often. With cold weather and slippery driveways, according to Johnson, puppies spend most of their time just navigating their terrain rather than being trained.

And then there is the commotion at home with parties, and trees and lights. Puppies are teething and exploring constantly and they are likely to get into trouble.

It is important to note, that like young children, puppies thrive on a schedule and the consistency of that schedule. Holiday time is usually the time when we enjoy not sticking to a schedule.

So Dr. Johnson advises, that if you are looking for a pet, wait til spring. “Easter is a great time to bring a pet into your home,” suggests Dr Johnson.

Many thanks to Dr. Paul Johnson, veterinarian with the Animal Health Center in Middletown for sharing his expertise.

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