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After 9/11/2001 things changed in America.   During this period of fear and uncertainty, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was born.  Since then we’ve dealt with the nuisance of taking off our shoes, and surrendering our water bottles in stride.  However, the TSA’s new screening methods go too far, may be unconstitutional, and don’t guarantee safety.

The fourth amendment guards against unreasonable searches and seizures.  If I’m not a suspect of a crime, and I am forced to choose between a potentially unsafe radiation scan, and allowing someone to grope me in a way that only my wife should, then I say we have a constitutional crisis on our hands.

I won’t be flying anytime in the near future.  Unfortunately, there are indications these measures will be adopted in train and bus stations very soon.  How long before these procedures appear in all venues where people congregate en masse?

My first paying gig was babysitting my neighbors kids and it was my best friend’s first job as well. I think that babysitting is a right of passage for every teenager.  But, you have to make sure you know how to perform the job safely. The Adriance Memorial Library in Poughkeepsie  is offering a Babysitting Workshop for tweens and teens.

Topics will cover responsibilities including basic child care, babysitting safety, developmental needs for different age groups, emergency preparedness,  strategies for difficult situations, and a babysitter’s bag of tricks. Participants should bring  a notebook, pen and a bag lunch.

Pre-registration is required. You can register online or call Adriance Children’s Desk at
845-485-3445, ext.  3320.

What chemicals are we exposed to on a daily basis from using beauty products? The answer may surprise you. Earlier this year I decided to be more aware of the foods I’m eating and what is going into my body. I never thought about the chemicals I’m exposed to just by washing my hair. It turns out, I should take a closer look:

From the wire:

“In the past, the American Academy of Pediatrics has said swim classes might give toddlers and parents a false sense of security. Now the group says it’s fine to enroll children as young as 1.

A few small studies suggest toddlers may be less likely to drown if they’ve had swim lessons…”

The real reminder comes at the end:

Parents know they should be vigilant while children swim, but trouble can occur in an instant of inattention, said Dr. Jeffrey Weiss of Phoenix Children’s Hospital and lead author of the policy.

“It’s not a lack of supervision, it’s a lapse of supervision,” Weiss said.

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