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I was on MSNBC this morning when I saw this: Study explores teenage boys’ huge appetites. Can I just say that I love that this was a study!? Growing up with two older brothers who were both athletes,it felt as though we never had food in the house. Forget shopping days, the groceries would come in and go straight into my brothers bellies. One highlight of the study shows that teenage boys will consume an average of nearly 2,000 lunch calories. That is shocking information, but remembering how my brothers ate their lunches doesn’t leave me very suprised.

While babysitting my nephew the other day, we were both playing with some great baby toys when  suddenly he heard the Mickey Mouse Club House theme song start to play on the TV in the background. He started weaving and bobbing his head, basically turning into a dancing machine. He loves when you dance with him or sing towards him. He will always dance back. Other than being adorable, I just read today that babies loving to dance is now a proven scientific fact.

According to a new study from the University of York in England, “Babies love a beat and dancing comes naturally to infants. The research showed babies respond to the rhythm and tempo of music, and find it more engaging than speech.” You can read the rest of the article here.  Have you noticed this is true? Leave your dancing stories here!

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