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Hello fine friends and readers! Are you gearing up for St. Patty’s Day? Maybe you are ready to breeze passed the day like any other day. Well, this year my kids are so beyond excited to celebrate! They have created an elaborate “top secret” plan for a Leprechaun trap. I’m not even allowed to share their plans with you here. But, I do have permission to share with you some of our favorite and simple ways to celebrate the day!

Pancakes– how easy is that? You can dye your pancakes any color you want as you start off the morning. Go with green, the dominate color of the day; or go with yellow to represent the gold at the end of the rainbow. Or, if you are really ambitious go ahead and make rainbow colored pancakes. Your kids will just be happy to have pancakes on a weekday!

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Milk Shakes– ever have one of those classic McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes? Those were great when I was a kid, but now I’m all like, “what? Where is the nutrition?” That’s because I’m a mom and obligated to say that. I did find a fun way to make healthy shamrock shakes at home to serve with our awesome pancakes. I am not hopeful my kids will like it, but I’m willing to give it a try before we hit the drive thru later.

Decorate– keep it simple with green cutouts from the dollar store, or go all out. There is no wrong way to decorate. My kids think they are going to trap a leprechaun; well the trick is on them because this year the leprechaun (Sean) is going to trap them! We are creating a barricade with green crepe paper. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they try to get out of their rooms in the morning!

Wearing of the green– of course we will wear something green. Don’t worry if you don’t have something that says St. Patty’s day on it. You will see lots of moms go all out for the holiday with customized t-shirts, but you don’t have to. A simple green shirt or a pair of green socks will do! Whatever is the most fun for the kids!

Irish t shirt

Music– this is our biggest tradition! Each year I am on a hunt for authentic Irish folk music. Not only because we have Irish heritage, but it is just really fun music! Most often we have to visit a pub, or an Irish bar to find it. We just try to go during the day before the drinking starts. If taking your kid out on St. Patty’s day isn’t your speed then you can easily find some great Irish folk music, or fun rock on a digital station or YouTube.

Brave the Shave– Our newest tradition is finding a St. Baldrick’s event near us to support. Last year we volunteered at our local event, but this year we are heading home to watch my 17 year old niece (and 14 year cancer survivor) braves the shave. St. Baldrick’s events are held to raise money for pediatric cancer research. These events raise millions of dollars each year to help fund researches to find a cure. Find an event near you and I promise your heart will never be the same!!! Click here to learn more!


If you choose to celebrate this holiday just know there is no wrong way to do it! Even when you see all the other pics on Facebook of what other moms are doing with their kids don’t stress! This holiday comes every year and your traditions are unique to your family! You can change it up any way you want! Just enjoy the fun with the kids while they still believe in the magic of leprechauns!

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