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Now I know when they are babies before they start walking there’s no real need for shoes – except that we moms think it’s just so cute (admit it you know it’s true).  But now my almost 20 months old toddler has been walking, running, climbing, jumping, for almost a year, and well shoes are kind of needed to protect those cute little feet, but my thing is how much am I willing to spend on shoes that he will in essence be wearing for about 5 minutes in the scheme of things? They just grow too fast! Let’s see in July he had plenty of room in his size 6s, now he just fits them!

And we can’t forget the other side of the 5 minute shoes … trying to get him to wear them for more than 5 minutes! He’s very into doing things himself right now, trying to get dressed, trying to put on his own diaper (over the wet/dirty diaper), and of course trying to put his and everyone else’s shoes on – which means he just ‘needs’ to take off his shoes (and socks for some reason) to try to put them back on. Hmm wonder if I could duct tape the shoes on him? *kidding*

My toddler is now learning how to open doors, so life is turning into a game of ‘wait – where’d he go?’ half the time. Such as last night, when we got back from Walden’s Night Out and my friend takes AJ inside while I grab the bags. I see the door pop open a bit, then my son crying. Apparently I missed another round of ‘wait – where’d he go?’ my friend thought AJ went to see my grandpa in the living room, when apparently my little outside explorer boy was trying to get back out to me (I think more just back outside). What fun! Does anyone know of good child proof door ‘locks’ that my grandma will be able to work?

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