austin birthAs a new mom, one of the hardest things was feeling connected again. Those first few months my job was on hold and my friends were scarce. While my husband was able to get out of the house alone to go to work each day I was left to care for a new, very needy little person every hour of the day and night. Don’t get me wrong, I adored caring for him and soaking up every moment. I knew these times were fleeting and I wanted to savor them but I wanted more, and still do. I wish back then I knew there were local resources for new moms, free playgroups, and support but I didn’t. So I am helping you out today. Here is your list- If you are feeling trapped, alone or worse know you aren’t alone. There are a number of local groups ready to welcome you and your new baby with open arms and give you the support & information you need. Real stories from Hudson Valley Moms on postpartum depression

1. New Baby, New Paltz offers one on one support, workshops, playgroups, support groups, a great website, products new moms love and a welcoming space. New Paltz, 845-255-0624.

2. Health Quest at Vassar Brothers Medical Center holds weekly support groups, childbirth and parenting classes, breastfeeding support, infant/child CPR and even sibling prep classes. Check the site for a list of classes, costs and more. Poughkeepsie, 877-729-2444.

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3. The LaLeche League has chapters in Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, and Dutchess counties, and beyond. Their website offers information, fact sheets and the online Breastfeeding Guide including topics on “my baby won’t latch on,” to “sore nipples.”  Proper nutrition, expressing milk, and returning to work are covered.  With a click of the mouse, the information is truly at your fingertips.

4. Kingston Hospital/ Health Alliance offers a variety of services for new and expecting moms including a mother’s club and a new mom support group. In addition to the support, the Health Alliance also offers childbirth education classes. Kingston, 845-334-2700 x2241

5. Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley is an expansive resource on a wide variety of issues including sexuality, birth control, STDs, relationships and parenting. They hold workshops, community outreach programs, counseling and a long list of free services. Kingston, 845-338-0840; Poughkeepsie, 845-471-1540

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6. Hudson Valley Adoption Support provides free counseling to new and expecting parents considering adoption as well as support and classes to those prospective adoptive parents. Kingston, 845-514-6717 or 845-338-0700

7. Stroller Strides Classes are a fun, healthy way to connect with other new moms while getting your body back after child birth. Check to see if there is a local chapter near you or start your own!

8. Waddle-n-Swaddle, LLC holds free playgroups, a nursing circle and pregnancy group that meet weekly as well as prenatal & birthing classes, parenting education classes and even children’s art, music, dance and yoga classes! Each location also offers a variety of popular baby/ new mom products. Poughkeepsie, 845-473-5952; Rhinebeck, 845-876-5952.ben birth

9. Hudson Valley Parent is honestly a great resources for new moms and moms are all levels. Since the magazine is in its 21st year there are hundreds of articles on the site from local and national sources providing help, resources and information on everything from pregnancy issues through tips for new moms, adoption, school and beyond. Pick a keyword and do a search, I’m sure you can find something to help. And then join us on Facebook you can ask questions, get tips, advice and chat with other local parents.

10. Web resources: